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Nobilis: Latin adjective, nobilis (is, e) : noble, distinguished, in good taste. This is the name that Adolphe Halard, founder of the company, chose in 1928 when he opened a boutique at 29, rue Bonaparte, between the church of Saint Germain des prйs and the Beaux Arts School in the heart of Paris. Surrounded by famous artists, he formed a collection of wallpapers which expressed the sensibilities of those he lived amongst and the spirit of Nobilis was born. Later he met Suzanne Fontan who brought a different dimension to the company, the new concept of a co-ordinated fabric and wallpaper collection.

Today, managed by Denis HALARD, son of the founder, Nobilis has developed a new vitality and force. It has expanded by opening subsidiary companies throughout Europe, America and the Middle East, all serviced by the large warehouse situated in the suburbs of Paris. The collection has developed substantially to encompass fabrics, wallpapers, trimmings, rugs and furniture, to capture the essence of city life with its sophisticated use of rich materials, silks, moires and damasks, or to express a contemporary look at the country house, with a more relaxed mixture of materials natural or bright tones in textured fabrics and wallcoverings.

Nobilis is very proud of this diversity, which is the result of a constant world-wide search for new materials and ideas, of buying the work of artists, and of the interpretation of original documents. Each year these beautiful new collections are presented at trade events throughout the world, where they reflect the essence of the French "joie de vivre".


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