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Osborne and Little is a leading British brand of fabrics and wallpapers design. Founded in 1968 as a small family company, at present OsborneandLittle has own show-rooms in the USA, Germany and France and agents in all significant markets.


The reason of this success was the creative approach of OsborneandLittle founders - Peter Osborne and Antony Little to the company’s management. Innovations in traditional and contemporary style were the basis of OsborneandLittle reputation. “Giving freedom while the birth of the idea, being original while bringing it into life and not to be afraid of experiments” – that are the main principles of Peter Osborne and Antony Little, who are till present the owners of the company.


Как купить fabrics Osborne & Little?

Чтобы купить (заказать) fabrics Osborne & Little, узнать цену и наличие,
приезжайте в офис Rosetti или звоните по одному из телефонов:

+38 044 486 54 98.

За дополнительной консультацией или для оформления заказов пишите на rosetti@bk.ru

На нашем сайте представлены только некоторые коллекций Osborne & Little.
Другие коллекции можно посмотреть на сайте Osborne & Little и заказать понравившиеся у нас.

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