Textile Design of Interior

Textile Interior Design

If you need textile interior design to be fulfilled, our designer-decorator can visit to you for consulting. When you order a textile design of the interior, we offer curtains and associated accessories according to individual project.

The textile interior design is made in several stages:

  • Departure of designer to the project accommodation in order to take measurements and hold the first consultation. As a rule, we define the task, discuss the budget and customer’s main desires at first meeting.
  • At the second meeting we discuss preliminary project of textile design of your interior. Preliminary textile interior design includes: selection of fabrics, wallpapers, upholstery and accessories. The main purpose of the second meeting is to sort the materials in order to choose the most suitable once for the project – materials of colours and style which match the inferior best and at the same time are congenial for customer.
  • Simultaneously with the selection process of key materials for the interior decoration, we offer different options of cornices, jalousie, roller blinds and various accessories for textile interior decoration.
  • Designer prepares visualization (sketches) and makes up an estimate.
  • Order supervision includes not only delivery terms control of the order accomplishment but also hardware and accessories installation.
  • One of the most important issues in textile interior design is working with sewing workshop. Our company owns a sewing workshop. Experienced master craftsmen sew textiles items of the highest level of complexity.
  • After-sales services include: dry-cleaning services and services of installer master if necessary.

Ordering a design project for Textile Interior design

You can contact us in order we prepared textile-design project of your interior. The project may contain several stages (depending on agreement):

  • Preparing working sketches only;
  • Window drawing and textile selection;
  • Drawings, textile selection, sketches of the items (black and white or in colour);
  • Drawings, textile selection, sketches of the items and provisional estimate. The cost of the abovementioned services is calculated individually.

The cost of the abovementioned services is calculated individually.

In order to order textile interior design please call:

+38 044 486 54 98

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