Curtains Design and Sewing

Designing and sewing curtains in Kyiv

We accept orders for curtains designing and sewing of any configuration. Offers of textile from modern manufacturers of fabrics are highly diverse; there is a risk to get lost in it. Rosetti exists just for this very case. Examples of sketches and photos of our curtains for Kitchen, Bedroom, Childrens Room, Bathroom etc. see in the section curtains.

We will always help you, because designing and sewing of curtains is our life. We love textile, we understand its nature and we are always ready to share our knowledge and love with you. For ordering curtains designs and sewing in Kyiv, please contact us on the following number:

+38 044 486 54 98.

Photos of curtains designed at our studio

We sew on request:

  • Heavy multilayer curtains.
  • Tulle curtains.
  • Lace curtains.
  • Edged curtains, curtains with ruche.
  • Roman blinds.
  • French and Austrian curtains .

We also sew curtains with pelmets, swags and tails of various configurations of any materials (taffeta, atlas, velvet or organza).

Order curtains designs and sewing from Rosetti

We offer all kinds of algorithm of work upon the order: flexible schedule for customers, convenient time and place. Our specialists will provide you with a set of practical and technical advice concerning curtains selection and will give you service instructions. Following rules and principles of artistic designing, we know a lot about curtains. We like textile very much, we have a good hand at making beautiful and high-quality curtains in Kyiv. We fulfill design and sewing of curtains in both ways: we can sew curtains from our fabrics or from fabrics of our customer.

We work up the cotton curtains and curtains of any interpretation with lace, tassels, puffs and edging. We sew curtains with cotton and viscose lining, with additional lining made of padding polyester. We offer curtains of any design and any style: artificial flowers, ruche, fringe, pompons, decorative buttons, applications, embroidery, batik, prints, tapes and diverse bows.

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Curtains Design and Sewing
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