Curtains design (photo)

Curtains design (photo)

Sketches and photos of curtains which are presented in this section are either made by designers of Rosetti or presented by our partners – European factories of high-class textile. All the photos of curtains you can see at the website, are sewn by designers of Rosetti team, according to individually developed sketches (curtain sketches), which have been approved by customer in advance.


The individual approach and the quality of curtains we make is the core task of Rosetti designers’ team. The task includes thorough material selection, matching details of the manufactured items, adjusting manufacturing process. At this stage we pay attention to individual desires of every customer. Also it is important to consider particularities of the interior to which the curtains will be suited.


Each item which is performed with such individual approach undergoes a thorough control of quality (beginning with fabric quality check and ending with design and sewing verification). Each curtain is sewed according to accurate measurements, which are accomplished beforehand at the project premises. All the stages from the selection of threads to curtains sewing are being managed by the project’s designer and technologist.


The textiles we work with are always high class fabrics of worldwide known manufacturers from Europe, North America and Asia. We always strive for satisfying our customers’ needs and protection of their interest. Rosetti holds a precise quality control of each fabric which is delivered for the project. Also we follow all the novelties which appear in the area of individual curtains design: the designers pick up the latest techniques; we purchase sophisticated trimmings and the very best instruments for curtains sewing.


Curtains design in Kyiv from Rosetti – is always a special, personal approach to every customer. As a result of such individual method of work we have gained a reputation of responsible company, meeting higher quality standards.


Rosetti is always a synonym to refined elegance. Rosetti is warmth and comfort of your Home.


To order a design project, individual selection of fabrics, sewing and designs curtains,                     call us to one of the phones:

+38 044 486 46 98.

Our specialists will be happy to make your home cozy and comfortable.

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Curtains design (photo)
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